MPC Wallet In Your Pocket

UXUY is a secure non-custodial wallet that utilizes enterprise-grade MPC (Multi-Party Computation) technology to provide maximum security and convenience through keyless signing and seedless recovery.

Protect your wallet with MPC technology, no need for mnemonic phrases, more secure and convenient.
Provide the highest level of security management for your cryptocurrency assets using UXUY
Covering tens of thousands of tokens, widely supported, meeting your diverse needs
Ultimate protection where traditional crypto wallets cannot
It supports not only ERC-20 tokens but also BEP-20, TRX-20...

UXUY MPC Wallet: Everything you need, supporting tens of thousands of Tokens and Ticks, compatible with multi-chain ecosystems. Fulfilling all your needs, all in UXUY

Why Choose UXUY?

Here are several reasons for choosing UXUY

Secure & Mnemonic-Free MPC WalletFarewell to seed phrase vulnerabilities, embrace the security assurance of Multi-Party Computation (MPC). Your MPC fragments will be securely stored across multiple cloud providers, while the UXUY MPC wallet partners with Safeheron and Goplus to ensure every transaction is safe and trustworthy.
Asset Self-Control & We Provide Excellent SecurityThe UXUY protocol has undergone external independent audits by Slowmist and other smart contract security companies to ensure the security of every transaction. The MPC wallet works closely with Safeheron to provide your assets with unbeatable security.

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