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UXUY provides the mnemonic-free and security-oriented MPC-based decentralized exchange app with UXUY protocol at the heart to bring crypto trading experience to a new level.

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Trade anything at the best price

UXUY has aggregated trending DEXs and Bridges to make any token pair trading possible. It scans all possible routes and find your bargain with the best rate.

And 29+ more DEXs integrated

Trade anything at the

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Discover 100x coins for you

  • Where 100x Happens!:Follow the smart money in crypto trading through UXUY, gain strategic advantage.
  • Gain Insights: Equip yourself with valuable insights that inform your trading decisions.
  • Stay Ahead: Utilize these insights to stay ahead and enhance your wealth.
Follow smart money

Gas-Free trading

Our innovative UXUY gas pool will provide users with a CEX-like trading experience, eliminating the need for gas tokens and enhancing the overall trading experience. Never let gas token dragging your feet again!

  • CEX-like trading: Enjoy an experience that mimics centralized exchange trading.
  • No need for gas tokens: We've eliminated the hassle of gas tokens.
  • Improved overall experience: Witness a seamless and speedy trading process, free from the constraints of gas tokens.

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