The UXUY Inscription Asset Indexer is now fully open source, aiming to provide Web3 users with an economically efficient and convenient basic service experience.
Web3 Developer Tools and Services
Public NodeEasily query inscription data through free public node services
Open Source Documentationhe indexer has been open-sourced, welcome to view it on GitHub
INS BrowserA browser based on multi-chain inscription assets, providing a one-stop solution for querying on-chain inscription data
The Code is Completely Open Source
Our code has been open-sourced on GitHub, allowing anyone to download and start Indexer node services to build their own inscription index API
Official Free Node
The UXUY Indexer official is about to launch public nodes, providing developers with convenient API access without the need to set up their own nodes, easily enjoying quality services
Leader in Ecological Innovation
Low Threshold
Simplify the protocol, so Web3 wants to participate in popular network transactions and lower the entry barrier.
Ecological Construction
Lower the threshold for Web3 users to participate in the prosperity and development of the multi-chain ecology.
Standard Specification
Comprehensive and inclusive ecosystem that adheres to standards and regulatory compliance to ensure a safe and closely-knit ecological environment.
Indexer Support
UXUY: Leading innovation, a fully open-source multi-chain inscription indexer, injecting momentum into the continuous evolution of inscription technology. Supports multiple chains and protocol standards, one indexer meets various needs, exclusive inscription browser, lowering the threshold for the use of inscriptions
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why choose the UXUY Inscription Indexer?
To address the chaos of multi-chain inscriptions, UXUY has launched an innovative initiative — integrating the standards of multi-chain inscriptions and introducing the UXUY Inscription Indexer. This is dedicated to simplifying and enhancing the management and display of digital assets, bringing a smoother and more intuitive experience to users.
What are the advantages of the UXUY Tick API?
Offering one-stop support for multi-chain, multi-standard inscription asset indexing, this tool is designed to provide convenient inscription indexing support for exchanges, wallets, and various ecological applications. It aims to make asset display more efficient and integrated.
How to use the UXUY Tick API?
UXUY has taken a significant step forward by not only open-sourcing its innovative UXUY Inscription Indexer but also providing free node and API services. This means that any user can freely choose: either to build their own inscription indexer or to easily utilize the free services offered by UXUY. This initiative greatly promotes the popularization and flexibility of technology use, offering a wider range of choices and more convenient access methods to users, thus driving the development and innovation of the entire ecosystem.
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