Tron MPC Wallet

UXUY is a secure non-custodial wallet that employs MPC (Multi-Party Computation) technology, delivering the utmost in security and convenience through keyless signing and seedless recovery.

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Protect your wallet with MPC technology, no need for mnemonic phrases, more secure and convenient.

Store all your TRON assets safely in one place

Ultimate protection where traditional crypto wallets cannot

Why Choose UXUY

Secure & mnemonic-free MPC wallet

Asset Self-Control & We Provide Excellent Security

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About Tron (TRX)

Tron was launched in 2018, and in July of the same year, it merged with BitTorrent to complete the building of Tron ecosystem. As one of the largest and most used blockchain in the world, Tron is now the home to more than 1,000 DApps, boasting developers and users more than twice that of Ethereum. Tron is compatible with Ethereum while being open source. In short, developers can move their smart contracts from Ethereum to Tron as it is or after simple modification. In addition, Tron supports multiple features such as virtual machines, node elections, wallet support, and decentralized exchanges, and provides developers with a bottom layer with higher throughput, higher scalability, and higher reliability.

Tron achieves high throughput by optimizing TPS. With its daily usage far exceeds that of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Tron supports various DApp deployment methods to accommodate a large number of users and achieve higher scalability. With its network structure, user assets, intrinsic value, and a reward distribution mechanism based on a consensus of authority decentralization, Tron is of high reliability.

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