UXUY is a secure non-custodial wallet that employs MPC (Multi-Party Computation) technology, delivering the utmost in security and convenience through keyless signing and seedless recovery.

Best MPC wallet

Protect your wallet with MPC technology, no need for mnemonic phrases, more secure and convenient.

Store all your IOS assets safely in one place

Ultimate protection where traditional crypto wallets cannot

Why Choose UXUY

Secure & mnemonic-free MPC wallet

Asset Self-Control & We Provide Excellent Security

Social Trading & Where 100x Happens!

About UXUY iOS

UXUY is a leading decentralized trading platform committed to providing users with a secure, efficient, and convenient cryptocurrency trading experience. We employ Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology to ensure self-control of assets and achieve a secure keyless wallet.

The built-in Gas Pool allows you to experience zero Gas interaction for swift and efficient transactions.

Explore premium assets and aggregate comprehensive coin searches for a completely new trading experience. Whether you are a beginner or a professional trader, UXUY is dedicated to bringing you a better future in decentralized trading.

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