Polygon MPC Wallet

UXUY is a secure non-custodial wallet that employs MPC (Multi-Party Computation) technology, delivering the utmost in security and convenience through keyless signing and seedless recovery.

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Protect your wallet with MPC technology, no need for mnemonic phrases, more secure and convenient.

Store all your POLYGON assets safely in one place

Ultimate protection where traditional crypto wallets cannot

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Secure & mnemonic-free MPC wallet

Asset Self-Control & We Provide Excellent Security

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About Polygon (Matic)

Polygon, formerly known as MATIC Network, was created in 2017. It is a scalable platform created by a group of Indian blockchain engineers. As a Layer 2 scalability solution for Ethereum, it is known as 'Ethereum's Internet of Blockchains'. Today, Polygon has become one of the major blockchains. It integrates Ethereum and sovereignty blockchains to form a more sophisticated multi-chain system. The emergence of Polygon network also solves the problems of high gas fee and low speed on the Ethereum network.

Today's Polygon network has become a 'dark horse' popular among institutional investors. Its transaction volume is three times that of the Ethereum network, but the Gas fee is only 0.01% of the Ethereum network. The birth of the Polygon network also helped with the openness and inclusiveness of Ethereum, which in turn improved the Ethereum ecosystem. As a protocol and a framework, Polygon is compatible with EVM and can be used to build and connect to Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. This feature enables developers to deploy smart contracts and ecological applications on the Polygon network with more flexibility, and enjoy lower Gas fees and faster speed.

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