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Multi-Chain Inscriptions Market

Enjoy a one-stop multi-chain inscription trading experience. Seamlessly use 'U' assets for cross-chain transactions, keep abreast of on-chain dynamics, and let your assets freely circulate in the multi-chain world.


    What is the UXUY multi-chain marketplace?
    UXUY multi-chain marketplace integrates a lossless cross-chain bridge, offering "0" cost for cross-chain transactions and one-stop trading of any network's inscription assets.
    How to find NFTs in the UXUY marketplace?
    You can search for the asset information you want by searching for the name or deployment hash.
    How to access the inscription market on the UXUY App?
    Click Download to download the UXUY App.
    How to sell inscriptions?
    UXUY marketplace supports listing of all on-chain assets for sale. Set a floor price on the listing page, and buyers can purchase the asset at the set floor price. Upon successful transaction, the seller's wallet will receive the funds.
    How to buy inscriptions?
    Select the asset you like in the marketplace, enter the detail page, add the desired asset to the shopping cart, and buy it with one click. After a successful purchase, you will receive the purchased asset, and the seller will receive the payment asset.
    How to cancel a listing?
    View the assets you have entrusted in the market commission, and click cancel to stop selling the current asset.

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